47.5 million living with dementia: WHO

AIMAN INAM   NEW YORK: Researchers have found out in a new study – which was recently published in The Lancet – that physical activity could assist thwarting fresh cases of dementia worldwide. According to the estimates, physical sluggishness has been claiming some 5.3 million lives every year. In addition, the death-rate has been discovered comparable to the cases of demises that take place due to the consumption of tobacco and obesity. It has been learnt that physical activity diminishes sickness peril and recovers cognition. In addition, around 80 percent of youth are not meeting procedures calling for 60 minutes of temperate to meticulous everyday physical activity globally. One of the investigators from the varsity of California, James F. Sallis noted:  “Among adults, 23 percent of the population worldwide fails to meet activity guidelines. Around 292,600 cases of dementia are reported every year globally. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 47.5 million people are living with dementia, but with an aging population that number will continue to increase.” As per the study, most states have been examining activity levels and outlined national policies to contain the dilemma of physical inactivity. But the tactics are prepared in merely 56 percent of countries since

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