Beware! Breads and bakery items include cancer causing chemicals

AIMAN INAM   NEW DELHI: People who consume bread or bakery items on a daily basis are more prone to have cancer and thyroid disorder. Researchers here have exposed lately in the study conducted by the Delhi-based Centre for Science and Environment.   As per the estimates, over 84% of 38 well-known brands of breads, buns and ready-to-eat burger and pizza have been examined. Traces of potassium bromate (KbrO3) and potassium iodate (KIO3) or both were found in them.   The aforementioned chemicals are injurious to health, as they are believed to trigger cancer and thyroid chaos among people.   A statement issued by the Centre for Science and Environment held: “The use of these chemicals in the bread-making sector is banned in many countries because they are listed as hazardous for public health.”   However, the study further maintained that the practice of using potassium bromate and potassium iodate whilst making bread is still widespread in many countries.
Source: News Pakistan

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