Can a berry beat cancer within minutes?

AIMAN INAM   BRISBANE: Investigators here have found out a fruit (berry) consisting of such components, which can finish tumors within minutes. According to the details, provided by the senior study researcher Dr Glen Boyle from QIMR Berghofer medical research institute in Brisbane:   “A compound in the rainforest berry could kill head and neck tumors as well as melanomas within minutes. “In the pre-clinical trials, an experimental drug produced from the seeds of the rainforest plant, Blushwood tree (Hylandia Dockrillii), has been shown to destroy or shrink tumors in animals, including cats, dogs and horses.” In addition, the team of the scientists discovered that a particular shot of the medicine (EBC-46) directed to quick break an assortment of cancers might be effectual for human beings. Researchers were stunned to uncover that the drug could begin to work within five minutes, and vanish tumors within days! EBC-46 is a composite hauled out of Blushwood tree fruit. Such trees grow in the remote north Queensland.

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