Eat dark chocolate for a healthy brain!

AIMAN INAM LOS ANGELES: Be it on ice creams or sweet dishes, dark chocolates are hard to resist. From kids to grown-ups, everyone can live on the chocolates no matter what. And now pundits give us another reason to imbibe those! Good news for chocolate buffs! Consuming dark chocolates could potentially shield our brains from age-related pressure and swelling, revealed a study. Oxidative stress and inflammation boost as we age. And both are the origins of mounting neurodegenerative disarray like Alzheimer’s disease. They located a flavanol known as epicatechin (Epi) in dark chocolate that has the potential to diminish detrimental oxidative stress and neuro-inflammation. The research and outcomes: Scholars from the University of California San Diego in the US conducted this experiment on mouse model. They assessed male mice for two weeks. The samples of their heads have been assembled for the evaluation of pertinent endpoints. The review of the OS markers protein carbonyls and malondialdehyde levels demonstrate major boosts with ageing that are restrained by Epi. Apart from reducing the levels of oxidative stress and neuro-inflammation among old mouse, Epi also perked-up reminiscence and anxiety levels. P.S. It is pertinent to point out here that one should always choose […]

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