Effects of consuming excessive salt

AIMAN INAM LONDON: Health specialists here have suggested that excessive consumption of salt is bad for health as it leads to scores of health troubles. Salt adds flavor to our foodstuff and assists our digestive structure to soak up nutrients, yet there is a maximum limit of its intake. We do  require a  certain quantity of sodium on a daily basis but too much intake of salt can lead to poor side effects. Following are some side effects of consuming too much salt: A large quantity of salt in our diet can boost up the hazard of rising ailments such as high blood pressure and anxiety. People with high blood pressure should lessen the quantity of salt in their diet otherwise there is a probability to face heart maladies later in life. Scientists have proved that extreme intake of salt raises the menace of mounting cardiovascular diseases by means of many previous researches. Thereby, everyone should trim down the consumption of salt in order to lead a hearty life. It is also said that extra quantity of salt in the meal can trigger dehydration. Therefore, apart from reducing the salt, individuals should drink plenty of water every day to keep

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