Facebook Messenger is now used by 1 billion users every month

CALIFORNIA: Social networking app Facebook has announced that its Messenger has joined ‘Billion’ club as it is now used by over 1 billion people every month. Facebook, online social networking service based in California, these are not all registered users, but active users every month. With Messenger joining the Billion club, it becomes the second app to reach this mark. Earlier, Facebook-owned WhatsApp had announced that it was used by over 1 billion users. “As part of this journey to one billion, we focused on creating the best possible experiences in modern day communications. We remain focused on helping connect people to the people and businesses who matter most. Thank you to everyone who uses Messenger around the world, and we’re looking forward to connecting the next billion,” said David Marcus, VP for Messenger. “People use Messenger to connect with the people and businesses they care most about. They make plans, share dreams, send payments, tell jokes, play games, let their loved ones know they’re thinking of them and much, much more,” Marcus added. Facebook decided to unveil a new emoji on Wednesday in order to celebrate the milestone of reaching 1 billion mark. “We hope to send 1 billion

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