Fascinating camel rides on the golden sands of Clifton Beach

PHOTOS BY ATHAR HUSSIAN NEWSPAKISTAN.TV EXCLUSIVE KARACHI: Despite all sorts of mechanical rides that one can find all over, the fascination of camel rides is undying.  The sarbaans also try to make his animal as eye-catching as possible: ‘haircut’ is only the beginning of the beauty regime. Zahoor is one such sarbaan operating at Clifton Beach. He said that intricate patterns carved out during the ‘haircut’ attract people: “We trim and then dye their fur to dramatize the presentation”. Sarbaan Zahoor further went on to say that owner of the camel has a very close relationship with his camel and that’s why, he takes care of his camel as a companion and embellish it in order to pay respect. ‘Hairdo’ is followed by the decorating the desert ship colorfully.   Getting Ready for the Show!
Source: News Pakistan

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