Folk Singer Baba Karimi and his Magical Tambooro

PHOTOS BY ATHAR HUSSAIN NEWSPAKISTAN.TV EXCLUSIVE KARACHI: Baba Karimi, who hails from a small village of Sindh, sits on the streets and roadsides of Saddar town here along with his Tambooro, (a handmade music instrument of Sindh) and pleases the people with the magical music. The 56-year-old Baba Karimi has no home or family here in the Metropolis. All he has got is his Tambooro through which he hardly manages to earn two meals. Wherever he goes, people gather around him to enjoy his music and sometimes his magical voice too. Baba Karimi lives at the footpaths of Saddar town as he’s got no other home. According to him, he only wants to please people with his music and make everybody happy: “I don’t ‘sell’ my music; I just use it to entertain people. It makes me feel happy and comfortable,” he says.

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