Greece starts ‘clearance operation’ at Idomeni refugee camp

ATHENS: Greece has started the ‘clearance operation’ to evacuate thousands of stranded migrants from the makeshift Idomeni camp on Greece’s northern border with Macedonia on Tuesday. The Greek-Macedonia border was closed in March. According to media reports, special teams are conducting the operation to shift the migrants to specially designed processing facilities some 80km (50 miles) south, near Greece’s second city, Thessaloniki. During the process, hundreds of riot police were deployed at the border but the situation appeared calm as the authorities have already stressed that force will not be used. More than 10 buses left with the migrants from conflict zones in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan on board. They have been living in tents with little food to eat. The police seem determined to clear one part of the camp today (Tuesday) and plan to complete the operation within 10 days. An official from the Greece’s Syriza Party, Stelios Kouloglou said that the migrants needed to know there was no “short-term solution” to their situation, and they would be better off at what he called “hospitality centres”. “Idomeni had become a “humanitarian and also social disaster”, not only with “the problem of the health and the miserable conditions” but
Source: News Pakistan

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