Inadequate sleep leads to heart ailments

MEHWISH   ARIZONA:  Two new studies reveal that the people who sleep less than eight hours a day, which is usually recommended by the physicians, are more likely to get engaged in such behaviors that affect heart health severely. Secondly, poor sleep also affects the ability of body to get rid of cholesterol. The research revealed that the people who slept 8-10 hours a night were less engaged in smoking habits than those who slept for 6 or fewer hours who were 45 % more likely to smoke tobacco. People with less sleeping hours also reported to be idle and ate less fruits and vegetables. “The genes that participate in the regulation of cholesterol transport are less active in persons suffering from sleep loss than with those getting sufficient sleep, ” said co-author Vilma Aho. Smoking is not just associated with the respiratory issues; it also damages the heart and blood vessels resulting in higher risks of chest pain, heart attack, heart failure and death.  

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