‘Life sentence is not enough’: killed journalist’s brother

  M.M.ALAM   KARAK: Brother of the assassinated Geo TV Channel’s Senior journalist Ayub Jan Khattak has strongly reacted against the DJ’s yesterday judgment. The complainant Mukhtar said that life imprisonment and Rs. 500,000 fine was not enough and the killer Khob Niaz should be hanged till death. He said he would go to PHC against the DJ ruling. Police had reported that Ayub Khattak was killed in Takte Nusrati on October 11, 2013. The murder, police held, was in retaliation to a piece that Khattak ran about involvement of the convict in drug smuggling. It is worth mentioning here that according to the International Federation of Journalists report, with 115 deaths, Pakistan is the fourth most dangerous country for journalists. In the last quarter century some 2300 journalists were killed: 309 in Iraq; 146 in Philippines; 120 in Mexico; 109 in Russia, 106 in Algeria; 95 in India; 75 in Somalia; 67 in Syria and 62 in Brazil.  
Source: News Pakistan

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