MQM’s Raza Haroon’s return to Karachi and Kamal’s Press Conference, is MQM losing third wicket today?

Mohsin Soomro    KARACHI: Raza Haroon, former Rabita Committee member of Muttahida Qoumi Movement (MQM) has returned Karachi from Dubai last night, whereas on the other hand, Mustafa Kamal, former mayor of Karachi has called a press conference today (Monday) at his residence. Is there anything which is suspicious for MQM? Will Haroon announce to join Kamal’s party? Mustafa Kamal, after parting his ways with MQM, announced to set his own party. Anees Qaimkhani and former health minister of Sindh Dr Sagheer Ahmed also joined hands with Kamal in two separate press conferences after returning Karachi. According to sources, there are speculations that Haroon may accompany Kamal in today’s press conference and announce his join of Kamal’s party. In today’s conference, Kamal is likely to make some important announcements. It will be his fourth presser since arriving in Pakistan from Dubai after three years of self-exile.
Source: News Pakistan

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