‘Mufti’ named ‘Dread-of-Allah’ and not a Militant to lead Taliban now!

M. M. ALAM KARACHI: 45-50-year-old Mufti Haibatullah (Dread-of-Allah) Akhundzada, who had been deputizing for Mullah Mansoor, has been appointed the new leader of insurgent group called Taliban (seminary students). Interestingly as deputy of slain Mansoor, Dread-of-Allah was not involved in combat affairs. He was a Mufti (expounder of Islamic laws) and   used to issue Taliban’s Fatwas (ruling on a point of Islamic law). Moreover, unlike Mansoor,  Dread-of-Allah does not seem to enjoy travelling as according to the intelligence reports he has stayed put in his Kandahar Province most of his life. 
Source: News Pakistan

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