Mustafa Kamal gets a new member as Anees Advocate joins his movement

KARACHI: Former Mayor of Karachi Mustafa Kamal gets a new member for his ‘unnamed party’ on Monday as former Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Anees Advocate joined his movement.  Anees, who was associated with MQM for 32 years, announced to join hands with Kamal in a press conference at ‘Kamal House’ today. “I left the MQM on May 19, 2013 when I realized that the party is heading towards wrong path,” said Anees while talking to the newsmen.  Referring to join hands with Kamal, Anees said: “I mentally joined this group three years ago, but I was waiting for the day “when the locks on people’s tongues would break and they would speak openly.” Critcising the MQM Supremo, he said that Altaf Hussain doesn’t deserve to remain a leader of ‘Muhajir community’ as he had breached the trust of the community. “You will have to speak the truth before the nation. If you have any courage, address a gathering of your workers and tell them the truth,” he said. “Maybe they will pray for your soul.” Besides criticising, Anees wished his former chief well. “I wish for Altaf to live a long life and see with his own eyes that
Source: News Pakistan

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