‘No negative reference against Pakistan in Dishoom’: Varun Dhawan

MUMBAI: ‘Dishoom’ is not an anti-Pakistan movie’. This clarification was made by the famous Bollywood star and one of the main characters in the movie, Varun Dhawan who rubbished all the reports about the movie containing anti-Pakistan content. “I would like to clear this. There is no negative reference against Pakistan or any community,” the actor explained. “It is a very positive representation. It’s not being an Indian, Pakistani, Hindu, Muslim or Christian,” he added. The action movie  is set to be released on July 29 across the world including India and Pakistan. Some movie pundits earlier claimed that the film could have release issues in Pakistan because it has got some anti-Pakistan content. According to the people who have seen the trailer of the movie, the film contains some terms referring to Pakistan such as ISI, Pakistan, and Wagah border. Dhawan, along with his brother and the director of Dishoom, Rohit Dhawan briefed media about his upcoming movie. During the promotional event for the film, he explained that Dishoom has not depicted a negative image of Pakistan. The movie features Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez, and John Abraham in major roles.  

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