‘Of the 99 names of Allah, none stand for force and violence’ PM Modi said at World Sufi Forum

NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has praised Islam for its message of peace and harmony and described Sufism as one of its greatest contributions. He was addressing a global audience on the opening day of the World Sufi Forum in New Delhi on Thursday. He praised Islam and said No one can kill anybody on the name of Islam. He said we must reject any link between terrorism and religion. He also described the true meaning of Allah’s 99 names. “Of the 99 names of Allah, none stand for force and violence and the first two names denote compassionate and merciful. Allah is Rahman and Raheem…Those who spread terror in the name of religion are anti-religious,” Modi said. “When the spiritual love of Sufism, not the violent force of terrorism, flows across the border, this region will be the paradise on earth that Amir Khusrau spoke about,” Modi added, referring to the 13th century Sufi poet. Moreover, referring to the Sufism, Indian PM said Sufism became the face of Islam in India, even as it remained deeply rooted in the Holy Quran, and Hadis. It helped shape a distinct Islamic heritage of India.
Source: News Pakistan

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