Parechovirus is affecting for new born babies

MEHWISH   SYDNEY:  Recently identified virus Parechovirus that infected some 80 newborns in Australia in 2013-14  have led to brain damage and developmental problems in the affected babies in the later years, leading doctors have reported. It is a new virus and doctors knew very little about it said Professor Cheryl Jones President for Australian Society for Infectious Diseases (ASID). She went on to add: “This study is helping to improve our understanding of some of the long-term consequences of infection in children.” It spreads from person to person through direct contact via nose and throat fluids, sneezing coughing or faeces of infected person. No treatment or vaccine has so far been developed against this virus. Many infected babies showed the symptoms of seizures, irritability and physical jerks and about 20 % showed severe neurological problems.  

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