PEMRA realizes contraceptive advts can’t be banned

M. M. ALAM ISLAMABAD: Realizing that containing the population bomb was part of  National agenda, PEMRA now says  it is OK to run Condom Commercials after prime time (i.e.: 11PM) till a policy is devised. Just a couple of days ago (on Thursday 26th of May) PEMRA had circulated its note No.  13 (89) OPS/011/1555 banning airing of contraceptives’ advertisements maintaining:  “This is with reference to advertisements being aired on various satellite TV channels/FM Radios, marketing contraceptive/birth control/family planning products. PEMRA has received complaints with regard to advertising of contraceptive products being aired on electronic media. General public is very much concerned on the exposure of such products to the innocent children, which get inquisitive on features / use of the products. “Parents have shown apathy on marketing. Advertisement of such products and demanded its ban on satellite TV channels and FM Radios. In view of the above all Satellite TV Channels/ FM Radio Licensees are therefore directed to immediately stop airing of such contraceptive products on their respective networks, failing which Authority will be constrained to initiate legal actions under PEMRA laws”. NewsPakistan.TV finds that  the argument against airing of contraceptives, birth control and family planning products is that often four generations (grand-parents, parents, children and

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