People with LDL-C live longer: study

AIMAN INAM FLORIDA: In a joint venture a professor from the University of South Florida and an international panel of specialists here have discovered that elders suffering from high levels of bad or Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol (LDL-C) live longer in comparison with the people with low levels of bad cholesterol. For conducting the study, the investigators analyzed some previous researches consisting of over 68,000 observers aged over 60 years. Senior study author from the University of South Florida, David Diamond pointed out: “We have known for decades that high total cholesterol becomes a much weaker risk for cardiovascular disease with advancing age. In this analysis, we focused on the so-called bad cholesterol which has been blamed for contributing to heart disease. “We found that several studies reported not only a lack of association between low LDL-C, but most people in these studies exhibited an inverse relationship, which means that higher LDL-C among the elderly is often associated with longer life,” Diamond noted. “Our findings provide a contradiction to the cholesterol hypothesis”, he added. The study further maintained that high cholesterol can be defensive in ailments that are widespread among oldies. High levels of cholesterol are linked by means of a

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