People with parasitic worm infection are twice as likely to have HIV!

AIMAN INAM LONDON: A new study, which was reported in The Lancet, has found that individuals infected with a parasitic worm known as Wuchereria Bancrofti are twofold more liable to catch HIV as compared to people who are not infected with the larva. As per the figures, provided by the World Health Organization, some 90 percent cases of Lymphatic Filariasis have been reported globally. It is a syndrome that is also called Elephantiasis leading people to severe disability and social disgrace. According to an estimate some 120 million people are presently affected predominantly in Asia, Africa, Western Pacific, Parts of the Caribbean and South America. Senior study author from the Medical Centre of University of Munich (LMU) in Germany, Inge Kroidl noted: “W bancrofti worms live in the lymphatic system of patients, often without symptoms, for years. The long disease duration of W bancrofti infection (around 10 years) creates an ongoing immune response, which we suspect might leave infected persons more susceptible to HIV infection.” For carrying out the research, the investigators observed data of 2,699 people in the Kyela locale of Mbeya, southwest Tanzania.  They have examined the blood, urine, stool, and sputum samples to evaluate HIV, W bancrofti

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