Researchers here have found a link between Type-2 diabetes & tumor!

AIMAN INAM   KARACHI: Followed by a new research, investigators here have found out an association between Type-2 diabetes and cancer.   The study maintained: “In 80-90 percent cases of cancer occurrence, environmental factors, particularly lifestyle disorders, are responsible, which also account for higher number of diabetes cases. Appropriate changes in lifestyle have shown reduction in mortality and morbidity of both the diseases.” One of the researchers suggested that diabetes and tumor are widespread ailments that affected the human health globally. Studies have discovered that people suffering from diabetes are more prone to have cancer. “However, the exact biological link between cancer and diabetes is still incompletely understood,” said the researcher. There are two probable connections amid the two maladies i.e. general mechanism and tissue-specific mechanism. The general mechanism is connected to insulin confrontation that is a characteristic of Type-2 diabetes. “Insulin is a growth factor with predominantly metabolic action but it can have mitogenic effects that can lead to cancer,” maintained the study. “Hyperglycemia or excess of glucose in the bloodstream, chronic inflammation and obesity can also lead to oxidative stress which can increase the risk of cancer.” Due to tissue-specific mechanisms, liver and pancreatic cells that uncovered elevated insulin

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