Shahbaz directs transport authorities to reduce fares

LAHORE: Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif says once again noticeable decrease in petroleum prices by the government is a good omen. In a statement in Lahore today, he said the decrease in POL prices is a gift of the PML(N) government to the people. The Chief Minister directed the authorities concerned to ensure supply of POL products on new prices to the people. He urged that prices of essential commodities should also be decreased according to ratio of decrease in POL prices. He also directed to reduce fares of transport. Later talking to a delegation, Punjab Chief Minister said national resources are being spent carefully and honestly on the welfare of the people. He said transparency and merit are the hallmark of the PML (N) government. The Chief Minister said all the projects are being executed transparently and billions of rupees have been saved in the projects
Source: News Pakistan

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