Symptoms, triggers of armpit lumps: When to see a doctor?

AIMAN INAM WASHINGTON D.C: People particularly dames often complain about armpit lumps, which are widespread though.  It usually occurs due to a puffy lymph node or gland under the armpit. It typically goes away after some time and if not then doctors prescribe some pain killers, antibiotics and creams. Nevertheless, some lumps insinuate towards severe health concerns and one of which is breast cancer. Causes: Some of the most prevalent triggers of this chaos are non-cancerous, fibrous tissue growth (fibroadenoma), cysts or fluid stuffed sacs, allergic reactions to deodorant, antiperspirant, powder, body roll-ons or soap, viral or bacterial infections, fatty growths (lipomas), acute reactions to vaccinations, fungal infections, lupus, breast cancer, lymphoma and leukemia. Signs & Symptoms: Inflammation throughout the lymph nodes in the body, temperature, pain and night sweats are some of the symptoms of having common armpit lumps. However, if the lump sans pain enlarges little by little and does not seem to depart, then this is the warning sign of mounting breast tumor, lymphoma and leukemia. Experts’ Opinion: Health and wellness professionals advise against use of hair removal creams or sprays on armpits. Use women razors instead. Also, avoid using scents, fragrance or chemicals on this area. You can […]

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