United Nations: Pakistan tells Afghanistan to resolve its own issues

ISLAMABAD: At the United Nations, Pakistan said that Afghanistan should stop involving other countries in its problems and should resolve its own issues. In an interview, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Maleeha Lodhi asked the Government of Afghanistan not to externalize its internal problems and blame others for its own failures. Lodhi said that Afghanistan should destroy the safe havens of terrorists which harm the peace process. “Terrorists, she said, which escaped from Pakistan and sought shelter in the neighbouring country, should be eliminated.” “Holding fruitful negotiation for lasting peace in Afghanistan is also the responsibility of the country,” Lodhi said. She also took exception to remarks by Mahmoud Saikal accusing Pakistan of interference in his country’s internal affairs. Referring to recent US drone strikes in Baluchistan which killed Taliban leader Mullah Mansour, Ambassador Lodhi said US drone strikes disrupted Afghan peace process. “Drone attacks in Pakistani territory are against the country’s security and sovereignty and violate the UN charter,” Lodhi said adding that Pakistan condemns these kinds of attacks on its soil. She termed recent drone attacks as a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and said that the attack further complicated the situation in the

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