Where that extra 2% ethane emission coming from?

MEHWISH MICHIGAN:  It has been discovered that the US natural gas industry is playing an immense role in ethane emission and accumulation. This was revealed when an air sample from above the Bakken Formation was investigated in 2014 for twelve days consecutive. A new study reveals that The Bakken Formation is about 2% responsible for global ethane emission which contributes 250,000 tons of ethane per year. The Bakken Formation is a rock, not only a prolific source of oil when thermally mature but it contains significant producible oil reserves within itself. It occupies about 200,000 square miles of the subsurface of the Williston Basin, central North America. Ethane levels were declining globally between 1984 -2009 but just a year later researchers in Europe asserted that it is increasing and since then it has been rising. “These findings not only solve an atmospheric mystery-where that extra ethane is coming from – they also help us understand how regional activities sometimes have global impacts” said co-author Colm Sweeney.

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