Youth exposed to drinking menace can be recognized on social media

AIMAN INAM OHIO: In a new research conducted here, scientists have proposed that those students and young folks who are at the risk of alcohol-related troubles can be recognized on social media. In this context, the researchers have maintained that social media plays a fundamental role in assisting the youth, market and organize their drinking practices. Co-lead author from Ohio University, Charee Thompson noted: “The strongest predictor of both drinking alcohol and posting about it on social media was espousing an alcohol identity meaning that the individuals considered drinking a part of who they are.” Moreover, those two behaviors are linked by means of alcohol problems like omitted school or work, or getting involved in clashes due to drinking. In order to discover what forces students to drink and post apropos alcohol on social media, a combined squad of researchers from North Carolina State University and Ohio conducted an online analysis of around 364 undergraduates. According to details, all the students aged more than 18 years consumed at least one alcoholic drink in the previous month, and had been vigorous users of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. Investigators have reported their findings in the paper published lately in the Journal

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