Zika affects the eyes of the toddlers

AIMAN INAM   GENEVA: The Zika outbreak has turned out to be the cause of rising concern for the  world. As of 2016, the virus has been distressing inhabitants of some twenty states of the US, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. It was known that it  causes numerous health troubles particularly a brain deficiency known as microcephaly in the baby. Currently, scientists from Stanford University have unveiled one more issue of worry associated to the ailment. They discovered irregular bleeding and scratches in the eyes of three baby boys whose mothers had Zika during pregnancy. It is not obvious yet whether eye troubles might be a complexity of this instead of the Zika virus itself. In addition, the eye problem they determined in the affected infants was to the radiance susceptible cover of tissue at the flipside of the eyeball – retina. As there is no definite vaccine or cure for Zika expected ladies have been recommended to cover up themselves in order to contain the mosquitoes. Because of an epidemic that begun in Brazil in 2015, the World Health Organization affirmed it a Public Health Emergency of International Concern in February 2016.  

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